Our Story:

We love wine, and beer, and most importantly cheer.

We’ve created this site to explore the greater world of alcoholic beverages from all over the world. Had a wine tour on Madeira Island in Spain? How about a trivia night with a pint in Portland?

Experiences are everything, and we want to share them with the larger world out there. What’s greater than a good night out with friends is enabling others to find out and create similar experiences for themselves as well.

About The Old BrickSkeller:

So we’ve found out that this domain used to belong to a since-shuttered bar in Washington DC. A lot of website visitors come looking for that bar, only to find us. We just want you to know that the physical bar is closed. There’s nothing there anymore.

To satisfy curious onlookers who thought that the old Brickskeller was the greatest bar ever, we’ve decided to feature old deprecated pages of their menus and drink offerings. Why? So you can was nostalgic about that place if you would like. But keep in mind: that bar is closed. Don’t come looking for that bar. Please!